Pros And Cons Of Parental Controls On Apps

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Snapchat is the latest app to roll out parental controls in response to growing concerns about the kinds of content kids and teens can access online, but critics of parental controls say they can have unintended consequences. The Onion evaluates the pros and cons of parental controls on apps.


  • Allows parents to feel in control for few fleeting seconds
  • Prepares kids for lifetime of digital surveillance
  • Kids less likely to encounter clips from softcore film you made in 2005
  • Teaches children importance of circumventing parents
  • Easier than being involved in your children’s lives


  • Controls often can’t distinguish between good and bad predators
  • Violating their privacy online teaches children it’s okay to act like a large tech company
  • Only blocks laziest of pedophiles
  • Now addicted to two phones
  • May wreck your kid’s only chance at getting laid